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Bordered by the shores of the English Channel, to the west of the Cotentin peninsula, La Hague is a land of contrasts and light, a wild and conserved region. From the smallest garden to the grandest castle grounds, La Hague is full of botanical treasures, nestled in valleys or exposed to the sea winds.

Traces of civilization from prehistory and the Celtic origins of La Hague are everywhere. Their location made the early peoples prey to many invaders - Saxons, Romans and Danes, later becoming a hive of smuggling activity between the Channel Islands and the continent.

The Hague is particularly exposed to winds from the sea. The wind reveals coastal landscapes of austere grandeur (moorland heather and gorse, rugged coastlines and cliffs) which contrast with the hedgerows, slopes and stone walls of the interior. A palette of beautiful colours has inspired generations of artists armed with brush or camera to capture the landscapes of La Hague. The coast abounds with fascinating and unexpected places..