Le Rozel beach

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The beach at Le Rozel is a protected area where a sandy beach 3 km long and natural sand dunes coexist in natural harmony.

In July and August, Le Rozel has a partnership with the French Swimming Federation.educators, Instructors from the Pieux swimming pool come down to the beach to teach safe swimming in the ocean waves, taking into account currents and tidal effects. The programme is called "Nagez Grandeur Nature".

Throughout the summer, sporting activities take place on Le Rozel beach - soccer, sand-ball, beach rugby. "Come spend the summer on the beach" (Venez passer l'été sur la plage ) is a an organisation devoted to beach sports.

This beach is supervised by lifeguards during the summer.

Everyone can take to the water, regardless of ability or disability thanks to "Tiralo" at Le Rozel beach. Throughout the summer, from 11 am to 7 pm at the lifeguard station, amphibious equipment allowing disabled people to swim is available with qualified instructors.