Surtainville beach

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Surtainville beach, wide and sandy, is perfect for swimming, fishing and nautical sports.

Here you can enjoy paddleboarding, an activity almost unique in France, all year round with the Coastal Rescue Club, which is affiliated to the French Federation of Rescue and First Aid. It is an activity which is at once playful, physical and educational - get fit, have fun and discover and sea rescue!

Many fish species swim by our shores and are often daft enough to take your bait whether you're on foot with a net, out in a boat or trying out 'surfcasting'. Don't hesitate to chat to the local fishermen on the beach ... they will be delighted to help you out with good advice.

Surtainville beach also boasts of its status as the most excellent surf spot on the west coast of the Cherbourg peninsula. The breakers are famous with experienced surfers and amateurs or beginners couldn't find a better place to practice.

The tidal zone is wide enough for sand yachting and speed sailing all year round.

Also taking place throughout the summer are beach sporting activities - soccer, sand-ball, rugby with the "Come spend the summer on the beach" programme.

Everyone can take to the water, regardless of ability or disability thanks to "Tiralo" at Surtainville beach. Throughout the summer, from 11 am to 7 pm at the lifeguard, amphibious equipment allowing disabled people to swim is available with qualified instructors.