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You come ashore in St. Peter Port, Guernsey's capital. This port city welcomes you with bustling streets, shops, restaurants and pubs. Outside the town, nature offers breathtaking scenery - cliffs and coves, wide sandy beaches and wooded valleys. The architecture is highly varied with contemporary homes, forts and typical country cottages side by side. Guernsey was the dwelling place of Victor Hugo in exile. The house where he lived is open to the public.

An irresistible blend of landscapes of breathtaking beauty along with a contemporary lifestyle, Guernsey is the perfect destination for a short break. Invigorating walks along the cliff paths, rambles in the bucolic landscape inland or total relaxation on beautiful beaches, Guernsey offers endless delights.

You just have to ssk what regular visitors think. Guernsey is a unique place and a vibrant community which welcomes visitors with open arms and leaves a lasting impression on all those who succumb to its charms.