Manoir du Tourp, cultural centre

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The Manoir du Tourp dates from the 17th century.

You'll discover a cultural centre entirely dedicated to the area. The permanent exhibition, called "la Hague, Cap Cotentin à tous points de vue" as well as the Côtis-Capel media centre, a chapel, a bakery and a beautiful old dovecote.

All year round at the Manoir du Tourp there are different temporary exhibitions, events and shows for grown-ups and kids, as well as festivals to participate in fully


The Manoir du Tourp is the place to go for everything you ever needed to know about la Hague and Cotentin.


There are several features dedicated to the cultural and natural heritage of La Hague at the Manoir du Tourp:

The Manor House

The house hosts the permanent exhibition "The Hague from all points of view" which focuses on geology, climate, flora and fauna and the history and traditions of La Hague, and makes a  fascinating comparison with other coastal landscapes subject to the oceanic climate (the Channel Islands, Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Galicia and Tasmania among them). There is a garden room and a shop.

The "corps occidental"

The west wing houses temporary exhibitions upstairs in the attic, on the themes of nature and La Hague istelf. Among them, are the works of Yann Arthus-Bertrand (The Earth Viewed from Above, which attracted - 140,000 visitors in 2002, Bestiaux : Un patrimoine français in 2006, and Vivants in 2007), and Philip Plisson (La Mer). The entrance is by the south-west corner where the passage gives way to an steel and glass extension. Exhibitions  may extend into the Néfile, a field behind the dovecote which displays large format photographs and monumental works.

The old wine press

Houses the media centre.

In the chapel

Watch a film retracing the history of Le Tourp.

In the old stables

A hotel-restaurant has been created with an outside veranda.

The Département d'études des paysages océaniques (department of oceanic and landscape studies) has its research laboratory in the building down by the sea.


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