Anse de Vauville

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The Anse de Vauville is above all a fine, sandy beach, eleven kilometres long running from  Vauville to the cliff walls of Flamanville.


Anse de Vauville

The beach on the Anse de Vauville is accessible at two places. There is a creek, called 'the rock' (rocher) which is uncovered when the tide goes out. An old religious building dominates the village. This is Vauville Priory built out in the moors, on top of a hill.

Another fascinating sight at the Anse de Vauville is the Mare de Vauville, a natural reserve created in 1976 and one of 135 natural reserves in France. Managed by the Normandy ornithological Society since 1983, the reserve is a freshwater wetland prtected from the sea by a narrow band of sand dunes. It coveres 62 hectares and more than 150 species of birds live among over 350 species of plants and 16 different frogs newts and toads.

A bird observatory is open to the public all year round.

Vauville village is one of teh listed sites around La Hague. A neolithic gallery cave called Les Pierres Pouquelées, bears witness to ancient ages. 


Biville, the dunes of the Anse de Vauville

This town is very popular, thanks to the stretch of sand and dunes that surround it. Its reliable and often impressive waves make it a spot for surfers, many of whom come to practice their favourite sport on a perfect beach with no rocks. The dunes of Vauville cover about 200 hectares. This communal heritage is a protected site. The summit of the dunes is 125 metres above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the Vauville cove. You can see the Channel Islands when the skies are clear.


Siouville-Hague Beach and Platé Beach

A small seaside village, Siouville is renowned for its lovely sandy beachwhich stretches over 10 kilometres up to Vauville. The beach has a great reputation for surfing, windsurfing, speed sail, body board, sand yachts and kite surfing. The beach is not dangerous and is guarded in high season by qualified sea lifeguards.


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