Ecalgrain bay

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"Ecalgrain" means "grain shelling." Ecalgrain Bay (baie d'Ecalgrain) takes its name from several flour mills which were once active along the creek which flows into the bay.


Between Goury and the Nez de Joburg, in the Joburg municipality. There is a sand and pebble beach surrounded by a superb green landscape, carved by the winds from the west, where heathland, heather and gorse intertwine.


The open exposure is ideal for wind and water sports such as surfing. It is also an ideal starting point for paragliders.


Besides these activities, Ecalgrain Bay also offers stunning views of the Channel Islands and the Raz Blanchard which runs between France and teh Channel Islands.


Don't forget that the customs path crosses the bay, - take a walk and experience being caught between the huge expanse of water and the moor that extends out of sight.