Landemer and its cliffs

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A panorama over the cliffs of Gréville-Hague and Castel Vendon, a rock dear to the heart of painter Jean-François Millet on one side and the rade de Cherbourg on the other. In the distance you can make out Omonville-la-Rogue and its port. This is the ideal spot to begin a hike along the customs path..

LANDEMER VILLAGE (Urville-Nacqueville)

In the early twentieth century the village was already something of a resort and the Infanta Eulalia of Spain and part of the court came to stay here.

 The hotel-restaurant "Le Landemer" 

Originally known as the Voisin hotel, built in 1870 by Mr. Voisin, the hotel saw its customers exceed their capacities early on, and in 1905 an annex was added next door. This was the Villa Ker Mor, now a private residence. The hotel was known as “Chez Noel” before becoming "The Landemer." It emerged from World War II unscathed and welcomed celebrities such as Marcel Cerdan, Françoise Sagan, Edith Piaf and boxer Darry Cowl in the post-war years (at that time, the owner Mrs. Zagdoun was the sister of the famous boxer's trainer).

The building delimits the entrance to the the Hubiland valley and also marks the beginning of Landemer.

Some noteworthy villas

  • L'Ermitage: Christine Nilsonn (1843-1922) famous Paris singer
  • L'Alsace : Around 1880, many people from Alsace chose to settle in Landemer rather than remain under the yoke of Guillaume II. This was the case of Eugene Zimmermann Colmar, a brilliant officer in the marines who built the villa "L'Alsace" right next to the "La Lorraine", which was unfortunately destroyed during the Second World War
  • Châlet La Roche Airel: In 1908, René Levavasseur, a norman architect graced Landemer with the picturesque Villa La Roche Airel. 1911 was a period when timber, steep slope roofs and gabled facades were popular
  • La Mailleraye: Refuge of the Spanish Infanta, Eulalie of the Bourbons (1864-1958)
  • Hotel Millet, built by the brother of the famous painter Jean-François Millet at the beginning of the 20th century, unfortunately destroyed by allied bombardment in June 1944.

The valley of HUBILAND

Chalet of the family of Boris Vian (1920-1959)

Boris Vian spent his holidays in Landemer with his family until the war.

Boris Vian quotes:

"The real Normandy starts up there in Cotentin, at Landemer"

"A delightful, marvellous place"

"I loved that house, all Norwegian wood, varnished everywhere inside, a balcony with a sea view all around"

The Vian family home disappeared under allied bombardments in June 1944.