The Nez de Jobourg

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The Nez de Jobourg is the name of the cliffs, rising up to 128 mètres, some of the highest in continental Europe.

The vantage point they afford is used for an observation post for surveillance of maritime traffic. The CROSS-MA service, at 170 high, watches over the channel and keeps an eye on tankers and cargo ships as they pass the cape.

You can enjoy a panoramic view over the Nez de Jobourg, the pointe de Goury and the Channel Islands, from the Nez de Voideries


At the foot of the cliffs of the Nez de Jobourg, there are several caves, with highly evocative names which are the sources of legends - the Fairy Hole and the Cave of Lions, which have been shaped by the sea. Other caves like the Little Church Grotto and the Great Church Grotto connect to the town via a tunnel (according to legend!) and used to provide cover for smugglers.

To visit the caves take a look at /


The cliffs are a listed ornithological reserve, where shags, fulmars, herring gulls, and ravens nest.

The Nez de Jobourg is the second most visited site in the département of la Manche after the Mont Saint Michel.