Château de Flamanville and grounds

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The grounds of the Château de Flamanville are open to visitors all year round.

Flamanville has twenty four acres of parkland surrounding the château, which was built in the 18th century on the site of an 11th century manor house of which two towers remain.

It was conceived and built by Hervé Bazan, lord of Flamanville who held the title "Bailly du pays du Cotentin". We also owe the construction of the port at Diélette to him.

Flamanville has woods and lakes with numerous paths for a delightful stroll. Over 1150 varieties of dahlia grace its conservatory (the National Dahlia Conservatory) which is also open to the public, all year round.

The Bazan family was at the head of the French side in the Cherbourg Peninsula, fighting against the English at the end of the Hundred Years War, from 1418 to 1450. Besides the beautiful park with its ponds and dahlia garden you'll see the garden wall, an ice house and the Jean-Jacques Tower. Included in the Inventory of Historical Monuments, the large main building and outbuildings are covered in carved granite slate with great historical interest. Fortified and flanked by crenellated towers, the buildings and large courtyard are surrounded by a moat. A chapel stands at the far left.

Regular exhibitions are held in the guard house at the main entrance during July and August