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La Hague Land of Art and Artists

The Manoir du Tourp cultural centre at Omonville la Rogue, is a former nobleman's farmhouse built in the 15th and 16th centuries. Today it is a cultural centre with permanent and temporary  exhibition spaces as well as a media centre.

The house of Jacques Prévert, at Omonville la Petite, open to the public, has remained as  Jacques Prévert left it - everything is as it was in all simplicity. You'll see his libraries, manuscripts collages and many personal effects, seeming to wait for him to return..

The childhood home of Jean-François Millet, at Gréville Hague. Not justa museum - this is a place for the visitor to discover a place of real memories. It has the feeling of a family home, nevertheless situated in a rugged and exceptionally beautiful region. You'll understand how La Hague and its inhabitants strongly influenced this gifted painter throughout his life.

Museum of the Mine, at Flamanville, presents the story of the iron mine at Diélette.


Stargazers both young and old mustn't miss the Ludiver planetarium. A place of astronomical discovery with several different presentations taking you on a voyage around the stars and planets.

The permanent exhibition is a fun and interactive tour of the universe and the astral bodies that  make it up. The planetarium, is one of the three best artificial skies in France with over 7000 stars frosting the celestial vault.