Parks and gardens

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The mild climate has inspired people fascinated by botany and poetry to created a beautiful green setting.

Discover the botanical gardens of the Château de Vauville which stretch over four hectares - a real gem.

In the grounds of the Château de Nacqueville, at Urville-Nacqueville, you'll discover the charm of a romantic park in the English style.

The most imposing grounds are undoubtedly those at the château de Flamanville. They cover 24 hectares, surrounding the magnificent castle, built in Flamanville in the 17th century.

The Garden dedicated to the memory of Jacques Prévert, in Saint Germain des Vaux, is a wonderful place to discover a natural environment full of plants echoing the poems of Prévert.

La Hague est un jardin par Office de Tourisme de la Hague, Cap Cotentin | Réalisation BIPLAN