Le Hâble

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A short history

Never dry, sailors consider the port at Le Hâble as the best place to weigh anchor on the whole Cherbour Peninsula. The port got its name from the old Norman language. In the past, the port was an important berthing place for the Gauls and Romans who traded with England. It is served by two Roman roads coming from Alleaume (Valognes) and Portbail. Le Hâble port was once frequented by Norman pirates and later by corsairs who anchored here while lying in wait for enemy ships.

Well sheltered, the port at Le Hâble already existed in Roman times. The inlet is deep and safe. In 1864, a large English steamer called the Iowa, was able to enter the harbour while lost. It scraped the rocky bottom, but was refloated without major damage. It is said that the bowsprit touched the houses on the front. Unloading and transporting its cargo to Cherbourg took almost a year.


In modern times Le Hable is home to fishing boats and small pleasure craft.

The Omonville-la-Rogue,  offers sailing in a very pleasant environment, along the cliffs surrounding the bay of Quervière. Beginner or expert, everyone can enjoy sailing at the Port du Hâble.