Biking and mountain biking

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New horizons for visitors in the saddle. The region's roads and trails are mostly accessible to bicycles. Discover the coast, landscape and heritage by bike with family or friends!

La Hague à vélo par Office de Tourisme de la Hague, Cap Cotentin | Réalisation BIPLAN

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  • Boucle cyclable: plage et bocage Haguais

    Length of the route : 32.3 km

    Recommended departure: Parking Fort d'Urville-Nacqueville. The loop is marked in both directions to see the way: the eighteenth century Fort: now converted into water sports. Old Village ...

    3h30 average
  • Boucle cyclable: découverte du cap de la Hague ...

    Length of the route : 33.1 km

    Recommended departure: Parking church of Joburg. The loop is marked in both directions. A view on the way: Church of Joburg (XIth century).: The oldest church in the Hague. Digulleville: ...

    3h average
  • Boucle cyclable: de la baie de Vauville aux étoiles ...

    Length of the route : 39.1 km

    Recommended departure: Place de la Madeleine Beaumont-Hague. The loop is marked in both directions. A view on the way: Place de la Madeleine: Church of Our Lady of the fifteenth century. ...

    4h difficult
  • VTT Beaumont-Hague

    Length of the route : 27.5 km

    Au départ de Gréville-Hague, ce parcours au denivelé important vous emmènera à travers la Grande Vallée de Vauville.

  • VTT Vauville 25 km

    Length of the route : 25.5 km

    Superb mountain bike 25 km with a succession of beautiful scenery but also some technical difficulties

  • Les sentiers VTT de la Hague, 45 km

    Length of the route : 44.9 km

    Concocted by the joyful team Haguards you will discover magnificent landscapes seaside This loop through moors, a little muddy paths, woods, something to enjoy in fact .... Hikers course ...